Academic journal article Antipodes

Walking in the Reserve

Academic journal article Antipodes

Walking in the Reserve

Article excerpt

The casuarinas and apple gums are full of honeyeaters,

chaffering finches, crows sounding their adenoidal kaar-aar,

kaar-aar, and currawongs with bubbling sub-songs and mellow

silver f lutings. it's summer and the cicadas pulsate as loudly

as the council's irrigation sprinklers turning with jet propulsion

over the grass. We all ache for an off button-but turn

the bend and everything quietens: a heron looks as if it's within

contemplative striking distance of an ineffable mystery.

Wood ducks daddle, settle where a runnel thins and trickles,

scat-sings over pebbles. An egret takes off, creaking like an oar

just as a boat's wash shepherds swamp hens upstream,

and wind in the reeds whispers jeezus, sweet jeezus,

I'm short of breath and sleepless. At the next turn-round,

silver webs-as if someone had lasered a stack of Cds

into the finest openwork, then tossed them into the branches. …

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