Academic journal article Antipodes


Academic journal article Antipodes


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Day after day bathers stand waist-deep

in cloudy gold, hoping to be chosen

by the dolphin, a scar down his left side,

who has come to live in the summer river.

On a cold shore, the waters sleek with sunrise,

a woman calls to him through the wind.

She tells me of their swim together-

weeks ago, before her stay in hospital.

In recovery still, she relives

the glide and surge of it, her fearlessness,

his pace mirroring her own;

and that one glimpse of his heedful eye.

It's said the dolphin remembers

those he partners: my first swim with him

a joyous, uncertain epic;

in the second, a brief ushering seaward.

Naturally, he favors strong swimmers, the young.

A girl, lithe and plucky,

arcs round him now, as he around her:

one entity, they plunge and spiral

for ecstatic minutes

that always will be with her-this dance amidst

sea-green veils and coursing sunlight

pearled by air, by eyes. …

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