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Ludwig at the Bat

Academic journal article et Cetera

Ludwig at the Bat

Article excerpt

The ball zoomed by the batter

a mile from the plate,

that made the count four and

oh so to first base he traipsed.

Hey what you doing Ludwig

the ump said kind of stunned,

that was a strike went by you

the count is three and one.

The batter deigned to argue,

"Your call was just bizarre,"

the unfazed ump replied to him,

"I calls 'em as they are."

The hitter grew apoplectic,

he knew this wasn't true,

that ball was not a strike,

the replay showed that too.

"You're not God, you're just an ump,

you made a judgment call,

you saw that pitch peculiarly,

it clearly was a ball."

The ump was not a bad man,

with players he tried to reason,

that's why he told Ludwig,

"I calls 'em as I sees 'em."

Ludwig liked batting ideas around

and pressed the confab even more,

his hobby was philosophy,

he thought he knew the score. …

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