Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Omega Rising

Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Omega Rising

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It's no secret that Godzilla El Niños would have to

consistently deposit countless tons of snow

in the Sierra of California year in and year out

for any chance to replenish all the aquifers

that have run so tragically low.

Water more valuable than gold, and we need

as much as we can get. Certainly a campaign

that would improve storage and recycling

would help, led by State mandate.

But imagine what would happen should California

the State simply cease to exist. Absurd as this

may seem, Tristan Tzara did just that

to the art world, tore it apart when he decreed

no laws pertained anymore, its status thus

reduced to absolute nothingness.

But if you're going to tear art apart you have to

replace it with something; you can't leave a void.

Because once you leave a void someone is bound

to rush in and fill it. Someone like Timothy Leary

telling you all you have to do is ingest some drug.

Well, at least Timothy Leary had no criminal intent.

The same couldn't be said for the murdering priests

who spearheaded the second Spanish Inquisition.

Torture and larceny were their tools of the trade.

They robbed poor Goya of what little sanity he had

so that all the sacred angels he'd painted came

crashing down on his head, and smashing against

stone buildings only to splat and bleed their histories.

In the name of Jesus those mock Christians invaded

the homes of innocent Jews. They confiscated their

possessions, stole their money, tried them for heresy

with absolutely nefarious evidence,

and then burned them at the stake.

What's at stake these days is much more dangerous,

it involves smart bombs and nuclear submarines.

We're at the mercy of forces beyond our control,

with no access to emancipation. Emerson, Thoreau,

won't you come back and bail us out of this mess?

Those sadistic souls who meted out torture

during that Inquisition knew very well

a prisoner will admit to anything if you tie

his hands behind his back, then attach a rope

and hoist the poor wretch high in the air,

exacting unbearable pain to the shoulder joints,

making them pop out of their sockets. …

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