Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Hart Crane Grapples Father Time

Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Hart Crane Grapples Father Time

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Man altered these fossils so that they flame forth

When immersed in acid from which radioactive

Creatures emerge swirling in a galaxy of transition.

Tilting toward the bottom your adamant swords,

So go onward to darkness clenching burst loves.

Make now impressions on slackened memory flung

Outward from the paradise religions propagate

As wooden craft bubble up through crushed ore.

Then mysteries revealed by books within her belly

Will swell like hot air balloons gaining girth.

Parachute down platinum skies and willingly lift

Rivers of brine then make a bed you'll want to soon

Rest upon among the angelic dust-covered dancers.

Glean virgin breasts expanding opportunity wrested

From the silted imagination our ancestors invented.

Hence a great white whale severed from time

Through fortuitous sacrifice officiates your pride.

Brittle savannas will while you record your sojourn

Pulse and in the very same motion sling hurricanes

That squelch wide rings of fire and unearth opals.

Into these fractures dive: bequeath us tin towers

Within which to shelter our selves, and finger

Cameos we've labeled beast or blessed event.

Grant flint its power to spark. Spawn babies

In crystal chalices lubricating gratitude's gears.


Emasculation looms. Revisionism antithetical

Ostensibly by divine right, yet its odd structure

Derails impact. How harmonious hemoglobin

Flowing and flowering throughout your being,

Emancipating the pain of stanched tomorrows.

Still boisterous despite a subatomic anatomy you

Rubicund son of star flesh defying applied science.

The tale of a golden goose that trampled yesterday

Converted to wounded hawk that buckles, plunges

While dandified Chaplin flails in your daydream.

Reconcile silence with radio waves structured

From flimsy material that melts into a pool

Of cosmic goop. Faster than everlasting light

You careen. Your locomotion inviolate as you

Delight in plucking suns from interstellar trees.

Battles conceded to gods attacking with quarks,

So frolic while you're able in the blossoming

Cherry orchard where lilacs at the exit bloom. …

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