Academic journal article UTMS Journal of Economics

Analysis of Tourism Indicators in Function of Tourist Offer Enrichment in Macedonia

Academic journal article UTMS Journal of Economics

Analysis of Tourism Indicators in Function of Tourist Offer Enrichment in Macedonia

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Tourist offer of the Republic of Macedonia is still too traditional, i.e. it mostly consists of summer mass tourism and winter tourism as a major tourist forms. As a result of such tourist offer it is normal to have weak or insufficient tourism development in the state, which through statistical indicators will be presented in the paper. The authors in the analysis of this unsatisfactory situation proceed from the assumption that the level on which tourism is placed in the country largely depends on tourism product which is offered on the modern tourist that in terms of the product is becoming increasingly fastidious. This leads to the thinking that enrichment and expansion of the tourism product is necessary but with greater participation of some of the specific tourism forms. Such alternative authors perceive in manifestations-events, which with their specifics should contribute to the enrichment of the tourist product, the dispersion of tourist offer through other cities in the country as opposed to the current concentration in few cities - tourist destinations, time dispersion of tourist movement or initiation of tourist movement throughout the year. The great impact on events is emphasized by multiple authors. The world tourism, a growing importance is given to the event as a tourist product, which is best manifested through the new trends in the tourist supply aimed at increasing the interest in learning about cultures, customs and traditions of different countries and areas (Susic and Djordzevic 2011). In order manifestations-events in Macedonia to become a major part of the tourism product, strategic management is necessary their and of course the appropriate PR-approach and strategy.


The methodological approach in the preparation of this paper consists of two parts. In the first part an analysis of the current level of tourism comprehension in Macedonia is made, which is expressed through tourism statistical indicators, while in the second part solutions that should enrich and supplement tourism product of the country taken as a whole as a tourist destination are offered.

In preparing the paper more scientific research methods are used in order to obtain relevant results, such methods are: a statistical method for statistical presentation of data, comparative method to compare data, methods of analysis and synthesis with whose application the collected data have been processed, graphical methods for presentation of the results and so on.


The main indicators that indicate the level of tourism development in Macedonia are the number of tourist arrivals, the number of realized tourist overnights and realized tourist turnover i.e. tourist consumption.

From the data presented in Table 1, it is immediately evident that the general increase in the number of tourists who have visited the Macedonia for the ten-year period that has been processed. The total number of tourists who visit the country in over a year, is the largest in the last year 2014, while the lowest is in the first year that was analyzed i.e. in 2004, but the marked increase in the absolute number is 270 545 tourists i.e. expressed in a percentage it is a growth in the number of tourists for 58.2%.

Sizable movement of tourist visits during the ten-year period, is with some oscillations in the period from 2004 to 2010, but then it is noticed a steady increase from 586,241 tourists in 2010, up to 735,650 tourists in 2014, it has increased by 14 9 409 tourists a year or in terms of percentage this represents an increase of 25.5%.

What is particularly important in the analysis of the number of tourists who have visited the destination is the quantity of domestic and foreign tourists; here the data are quite optimistic, particularly in relation to the number of foreign tourists.

The dynamics of the number of domestic tourists is quite less, so in 2014 compared to 2004 it has increased by only 10627 tourists expressed in absolute numbers or percentages that is an increase of only 3. …

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