Academic journal article The Hudson Review


Academic journal article The Hudson Review


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Sleep is a narrator telling a mystery I don't hear

in a language I don't understand

it's not only the vocabulary

there's no perceptible order

(Sleep seems not to have declarative sentences)

I think sometimes I want to learn yet dread

learning Sleep's language

Guessing at meaning,

I find it contradictory, pyrotechnical

its images phantasms

swirling an instant, then grabbing me

missing, gravity like lead, then evanescing-

Has my arsonned house been rebuilt on a cliff

and with a kidney-shaped pool?

I'm in the attic, the old attic with its unfinished floor,

its board games and broken dolls,

its cracked scrapbooks of grandparents and report cards .

Is the President really smitten with me?

Is that why he's holding my hand? …

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