Academic journal article Field

It Has Been, Yes

Academic journal article Field

It Has Been, Yes

Article excerpt

We ease into abstract wicker chairs

to discuss the latest hailstorm.

The noble dead within our bodies flip over

as we sip from high voltage jars.

The sounds of all the fallen trees replay

as a children's choir or dawn sitar.

Our toes probe the softening ground.

There is usually some postcard or parcel yet to arrive-

I like to think-

not to mention the sure-flying castles.

Blame the phantom canons they get lost.

New buffalo roam the plains. My dear, you end up shooting them

and only stop when one dies with its tongue

on the back of your hand.

At this point, you head back.

Actually, you sprint.

I've been digging a trench with the shovel you gave me.

The moment you show up, a little dirt flies in your face. …

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