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Render Billow

Academic journal article Field

Render Billow

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Follow the mentor across a street,

a jaywalk to rare steak and talk of pepper.

Crosswalk denied again upon return.

My hesitation about headlights,

but mentor goes. I do. Other side.

Then we hear a crack. Car halt.

Follow the curious family to

see the raised head of lying buck.

A teen parks his moped and embraces

the buck into standing. (A risk

taken with panicked tines. I feared.)

The deer, mouth dripping large

red strings, walks towards us,

startles and falls. A mother says,

"No, baby. It's okay. You have to go

that way." We primates.

My passenger later says, "I'm sure

he'll be okay." I say "internal injuries"

and don't properly brake for a speed bump.


My grandfather mumbles in Portuguese

and every seventh word becomes

blood in his mouth.

A two-day bloat from intestinal tumor

pressures his lungs and esophagus.

I tell him to spit in the bag. Try to

act normally as his words turn red.

My imperfect Portuguese

presses against the ceiling.

We do not say that we do

not know if he will live.

My mother, needing something

to say, repeats to the nurse

that his dentures are out. …

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