Academic journal article Field


Academic journal article Field


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Bunchberry groundcover, Sitka spruce, bigleaf maple, red alder,

Western redcedar, lettuce lichen, Pacific tree frog & spotted owl-

we were all present there.

If there were two who want to be alone, or be together, or one

alone & one together,

there is still a banana slug in whatever mood.

Nursery log suckles upspringing offspring trees.

I don't want to be married anymore echoes, although you'd think

our boggy forest eats up sound.

Only the beginning of summer; but imagine marriage overrun-

ning marriage, not convinced of dying back, everything fully soaked,

wild strawberry foliage assembled of drops of precip, not unlike

used lipsticks partly reddening the ground & on bears' lips.

In all the greenness his young wife carries an infant on her nurse


Wild strawberries Fragaria receptacles achenes not seeds, every

little twist of taste.

Really of the rose family.

Padded, moss sponging up anything you have to say, vows, rain

rhythm, lowing in the depths of boats you know must be here. …

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