Academic journal article Informatica Economica

E-Recruiting Platforms: Features That Influence the Efficiency of Online Recruitment Systems

Academic journal article Informatica Economica

E-Recruiting Platforms: Features That Influence the Efficiency of Online Recruitment Systems

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Human resources recruitment and selection processes are vital for an organization that wants not only to survive on the market but also to increase its position in the market it operates on.

The selection process for human resources in a company must be very well structured and planned. Through the appearance and evolution of new technologies, the recruitment is progressive influenced by the Internet. Also, the specialists needed in terms of quality and quantity cannot be found easily and financial resources are often limited. As a result of this, the article describes the online recruitment and selection of human resources which is a process that involves minimum cost and filling vacancies is achieved in the shortest amount of time.

Online job sites have revolutionized the recruitment landscape for both employers and job seekers and largely increased the efficiency with which hiring decisions can take place. E-recruiting is like any recruiting processes that a business organization conducts using web-based tools and based on the online job sites, the recruitment landscape for both employers and job seekers has revolutionized. Also, the efficiency of hiring decisions has largely increased. At the moment, there are more than thousands of online platforms competing for the job seekers attention as the benefits of online recruitment usage has raised and the way candidates search for job and companies hire revolutionized in a very short time.

Using the online recruitment platforms, the job seekers could also find out if the searched company offers meal tickets, medical insurances, financial support for training and laptops. These benefits can be noted on the company side, for when a job is posted but also could be noted on the user profile so that it communicates directly his demands. Internship and practice stages can also be published on sites so that students and those that wish to develop a specific skill. This should also mention the possibility of continuing with a job to that company and the number of places available.

The main objectives of the research is to highlight the advantages and the disadvantages of e-recruiting platforms, to make a comparison between the top of them and also to come up with some ways to improve the functionalities of the platforms to provide job seekers the easiest and efficient mode to navigation for the purpose of finding the ideal job for them.

2Literature Review

Due to the fact that the Internet and technology have grown rapidly over the past years, at the same time, the e-recruiting domain is growing and the job seekers have a lot of online recruitment platforms that they can use to find the desired job. The goal of the e-recruitment platforms is to identify and to attract the potential employees and because is also easily to select the employees is case of long distances, the e-recruiting platforms are now widely used by both recruiters and people looking for jobs either in Romania or in the whole world ([1]).

E-recruiting manner has a lot of benefits despite the classic manner as for recruiters it is easy to stay up to date with the changes in the market regarding employees, due to the databases available and all that high quality information stored aid the Internet. Also for employees it is easier to find jobs in any field. There is also the fact that it is easy to upload the CV with their experience, accuracy of information and they get contacted directly by the recruiter. The reach grows when the users can reach from small to big companies and corporations the same way for every option ([3]).

The geographic positioning has no border now; it does not restrict anyone to apply for a job in another country, or continent. Different kind of available jobs can reach to different kind of people, new ways to manage jobs and recruit people ([4]).

The online recruitment is a more efficient way to recruit also because the companies can save costs by reducing revenue using online recruitment and also by winning the time that would have been assigned to a classic manner that would have required a lot of time allocated. …

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