Academic journal article Informatica Economica

Research regarding the Social Media Recruitment Tools in Romania

Academic journal article Informatica Economica

Research regarding the Social Media Recruitment Tools in Romania

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We live in a time of sudden changes to which we must quickly adapt, so that it affects our entire conduct. This change has also contributed at a large extent to the purchasing behavior of the consumers. Given that society depends even more on computer systems, software developers have tried to understand the needs and requirements of organizations to design professional software on their demand. This study refers to a quantitative research, targeting organizations behavior regarding recruitment software tools based on social media in Romania.

This paper is structured in five parts, beginning from literature review that includes a critic analysis of scientific information about social media recruitment tools. In the second part, we approach the subject by establishing the methods of our study is based on. The third part includes our quantitative research results analysis, after systematizing data of HR specialists' companies from Romania. In the fourth part, we created some discussions about our study and other specialists that approach the subject of social media recruitment tools. In the end, we conclude that the purpose of our research was achieved and conclusions were in accordance with the objectives set.

That software tools are very important for an organization human resources department because these are designed to simplify their work and help them achieve the best results, fast.

The change has no beginning and no end. Therefore, attracting talent practices must keep pace with the evolution of society and technology. To survive, companies must always choose new and innovative practices.

2Literature Review

In order to be effective, any decision should be based on a rigorous analysis of the factors that are known and possible variants of results.

Recruiting via Social Media is a hot topic, especially in the West where new tools available to recruiters digital age lead to the formation of a new paradigm in providing workforce (Maxim, 2012, p.2). Although in United States most of employers are using or plan to use social media in recruiting but in East these recruitment tools are still in the stage of initiation.

However, the subject about recruitment software tools were approached by many researchers. Some of their ideas are summary illustrated in what follows.

Most students use online networking in their day by day lives. Online networking relies on upon portable and electronic innovations to make exceptionally intelligent stages through which people and groups offer, co-create, talk about and alter client created content. A study was developed in purpose to recognize the strategies utilized by students when looking for a situation for their temporary job and whether they discover online networking as a powerful instrument to apply for their entry level position arrangement. In terms of the implication of this study, associations might utilize the best practices while selecting understudies for a modern preparing in the associations. While levels of awareness and adoption continue to create both for selection representatives and student's temporary job programs, organizations must consider adding social media to their general online enrollment procedure to meet the objectives of being cost-effective, competitive, focused on and strategic when sourcing for top talents. ([9], p.856-860).

Another study refers to a developing pattern in the hospitality industry which is transparently reassuring candidates to join their long range informal communication locales as a component of their enlistment process. However, there is a shortage of studies inspecting how candidates see and respond to the utilization of interpersonal interaction sites in in the recruitment and selection procedure. Along these lines, the motivation behind this study was to analyze how candidates respond to the utilization of long range interpersonal communication sites as a choice device. …

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