Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Program of Personality Structure Priority Component Development in Nordic Combined

Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Program of Personality Structure Priority Component Development in Nordic Combined

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The main objectives of psychological preparation of Nordic combined skiers are: development and formation of personality structure qualities, which ensure efficient performance of motor actions and techniques that are typical for ski jumping and cross-country skiing; increasing the reliability and performance under extreme conditions of competitive activity viewing the requirements of sports practice; the formation of high emotional stability, variability and rational execution of motor actions.

The curriculum analysis for sports schools specializing in Nordic Combined has shown that psychological preparation is important in preparing the athletes and their perfomance capacity. However, apart from setting important problems, it almost does not show the ways of their solutions; it does not specify a sequence of applying certain psychological means and forms of their organisation (Fomin, S. K. et al. 2001). In our opinion, the optimization of the training process should be carried out not only by increasing the intensity and scope of use of special means and methods of Nordic combined skiers physical training, but as well as it should include a complex of interrelated means and methods of psychological preparation, as reserves of human body viewing mental abilities are much bigger than physical ones (Farmahey, O. I. et al. 2012).

The development and formation of these qualities is an important condition for high performance and reliability of training and competitive activity of an athlete (Stambulova, N. B.1988). However, the peculiarities of these qualities have not been studied enough. Thus, we face the obvious need of psychologically based preparation system in Nordic Combined, which would serve as a basis for the development of basic mental qualities of a Nordic combined skier.

A number of experts consider psychological training as a special tool that helps participants manage their own behavior and emotions (Mente, M. 2001; Torn, K. et al. 2001; Zaitseva, T. V. 2002; Malyutina, K. L. 2004; Klymchuk, V.O. 2006). As for psychological training, it is considered to be a research object that covers the general laws of personality structure components development, regardless of their "conceptual and procedural tendency." Psychological training as one of the most effective means of group influence, attracts attention of practitioners in the field of sport (Kolosov, A. B. 2008; Kurylyuk, S. I. et al. 2010). At the same time there is a significant gap in the theoretical understanding of the results of empirical research. The origins of many problems that arise when using psychological training lie in their methodological justification. In this regard, for development of priority personal qualities of an athlete and successful perfomance in training and competitive activity in specific conditions (usually extreme ones) peculiar to Nordic Combined it is necessary to use specially organized programs of psychological training (Kazmiruk, A. 2011; Klymchuk, V.O. 2006).

The research purpose is development and experimental verification of the program efficiency of psychological preparation of Nordic combined skiers on the stage of specialized basic training.

Materials & methods

In the course of study we have used: theoretical analysis and synthesis of scientific-methodical literature including information on the Internet; pedagogical observation; forming pedagogical experiment; psychodiagnostic methods (method of diagnosing of personality motivation to succeed "T. Elyers"; methods of diagnosing personality motivation to avoid failure "T. Elyers", Schubert's method of diagnosing degree of readiness to risk, questionnaire by Frester "Stress symptom test" and research of display of strong-willed qualities), methods of mathematical statistics: for statistical processing of results methods of nonparametric statistics were applied; for bound complexes - Wilcoxon method, and for unbound ones - method of Mann - Whitney. …

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