Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

Working with Local Lore in School as an Education Aspect for Sustainable Development

Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

Working with Local Lore in School as an Education Aspect for Sustainable Development

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In the modern actively developing world quite often there are problems of global nature. At the beginning of the 20th century for the first time V. I. Vernadsky has pushed the idea about need of a sustainable development as concepts of a noosphere in which harmonization of society and nature interaction makes sense. Warning about the dangers hidden in forming the noosphere, Vernadsky claimed that the mankind becomes powerful geological force which determines evolutionary changes of the biosphere.

Development of settlements, especially large cities, is often followed by deterioration in socialand-ecological situation.

The program of the United Nations UN-Habitat founded in 1978 is directed to support and development of settlements. One of the priority directions of the program - is the sustainable city development which shall include ensuring ecological compatibility of the residential location with surrounding environment, management by means of active population participation in explanatory work. The concept "sustainable development" has been entered into policy by the Brutland commission as development which satisfies requirements of the present, but does not threaten capability of future generations to satisfy their own needs.

Materials of the sustainable development Concept, the Agenda on the XXI century, Charters of Earth, the European Strategy of the UN training for the benefit of sustainable development aim teachers to develop in younger generation the global thinking, forming ideas of living conditions for people in the near future, orientation to individual actions and behavior, the environmental risks and threats growth reducing (Azqueta, Diego and Daniel Sotelsek., 2007, p. 22; I. Serageldin and F. Sfeir-Younis, 1995, p. 30; Robert Costanza , 1991, p. 175). Education at school is the first step in forming understanding of ecological state of the settlement environment where students live, as well as the whole world in general (Scott W., Gough S.,2003. 192 p ; Munasingkhe, M., 1995).

Currently, interest in studying the native land and the world in general has sharply increased in society. Education for sustainable development will be effective if essential changes concern the attitude towards the school teacher as force having real levers of impact on youth for the purpose of introducing ideas of a sustainable development into educational process (Lyailya U. Mavlyudova and Elmira S. Shamsuvaleyeva, 2015).

Studying local lore - is one of the popular forms of out-of-class activities for any subject (Barkov A. S., 1960). The "studying local lore" concept designates expanded studying part of the country, city, village, street, settlement of the population for which this part of the territory is significant. Studying local lore cultivates involvement in history of the ancestors, sets thinking on the past and the present through studying traditions and customs of the native land, knowledge of the roots, indissoluble communication with prior generations, i.e. creates those values which are so much needed today: patriotism, spirituality, national consciousness (Heal, Geoffrey., 2007, p. 7; John Niewenhuysen et al.,2001. P. 111).

Relevance of work is connected with complexity of developing the feeling of participation only by words, the effective technologies capable to concern, wake up the high feelings promoting manifestation of the emotional and valuable attitude of the personality towards reality are necessary.

Work purpose: to submit two concepts of the local history work organization at school.


In the 20th of the XX centuries, the studying local lore was referred to as "a method of synthetic studying of a rather small territory, selected on administrative, political or economic signs, in the 30th - it was defined as "the social movement integrating the local labor population which is actively participating in socialist construction of the homeland on the basis of its comprehensive study" (Borisov, N. …

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