Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Correlation between the Psychological Features of the Personality with the Structure of the Values

Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Correlation between the Psychological Features of the Personality with the Structure of the Values

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The problems connected with the values are among the major ones for the science dealing with man and society. First of all, they are major ones, because the values act as an integrative basis, both for separately taken personality, and for any social group. The personality's preferences of values play the important role in evaluating the events around, during making the decision and performing activities. This problem is actual nowadays and there are many questions that haven't been investigated yet.


The human's values have been the object of the special philosophical cognition since the middle of the XIX century when the man was studied as a practical creature that belonged to the world not only gnoseologically, but mainly practically and axiologically. The existing approaches to that problem are controversial. There is no clear idea of the concept "value", as it is used by various authors in different, sometimes alternative meanings.

Once I. Kant defined the values as the ultimate standard bases of acts of people's consciousness or behavior. In F. Nietzsche's doctrine we face the Superman theory. In his opinion values belong to the subjective concept. As for M. Heidegger, the value is something like the instinct based on the assessment of "psychological calculation". According to N. A. Berdyaev, values have existential-subjective essence and it is impossible to explain in a rational way. Among the positivism supporters there is the understanding of values as the objects of external reality getting this or that significance.

In psychology there are also different conceptions. For example, according to G. Ollport, the values are a certain personal sense. A. Maslou defines the values according a certain hierarchy. In his opinion, the preference of existential values relies on preliminary realization of the lowest, more essential values. In our native psychologists' works there isn't also a defenite understanding of the problem. However, despite the variety of opinions, almost all the scientists studying the question of values, have the same idea that the values, first of all, are the regulators of human activities, but in different ways: as norms, as ideals, as the criteria of a choice and assessment of moral actions (M. I. Bobneva, D. A. Leontyev. R.Kh.Shakurov. V.A. Yadov, etc.).

In this work we rely on the understanding of the values essence and their structure offered by B. S. Alishev within his systemic-functional approach. In his opinion, it is necessary to distinguish fundamental values which are reflected in human mind and consciousness as the functional links between the subjective and the objective worlds that have the concrete modality caused due to their contents (B. S. Alishev, 2005, p.242). In his concept it is also noted that fundamental values (such as good, freedom, justice, love, family, wellbeing, power, etc.) have different priority for certain people and are differently treated by them in the substantial plan, but anyway they are so deeply implanted in their mentality that very often cease to be realized by them.

That is why the valuable priorities and valuable representations of the personality are engaged into the interaction with all the other elements of personality structure and have a great impact on a formation of its firm psychological properties. On the other hand, these properties, as we know, are formed under the influence of inherent features of the person's nervous system and therefore his individual values have the return influence of the developing psychological properties. So there is a connection between values and psychological properties of the personality the essence of which is in the complexes of properties and values that mutually determine each other inside.

In psychology, since R.B.Kettell, the structure of psychological properties of the personality is actively studied. There are a great number of researches in this area, including our country, too. …

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