Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Usage Peculiarities of Modern Teaching Methods as Means of Increasing Education Quality in Tatarstan Republic

Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Usage Peculiarities of Modern Teaching Methods as Means of Increasing Education Quality in Tatarstan Republic

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One of the major problems of modern society is the transition to the new reference points in education and technology, which has a distinct innovative character today. Innovations in education are linked, primarily, to the computerization of society and the development of information educational space.

Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union the system of education in Russia remained almost the same. About innovations in the Russian educational system began to talk since 80s of the XX century. Right during this time the problem of innovation and, accordingly, the conceptual provision in Pedagogics became the subject of special studies, the authors of the most famous of which are K. Angelovski, M.V. Klarin, V.Ya. Liaudis, L.S. Podimova, M.M. Potashnik, V.A. Slastenin, A. V. Khutorskoy, N.R. Yusufbekova, E.A. Yamburg and others. In spite of all social changes and permanent state of underfunding the system is still working. But unfortunately, in respect of the efficiency of the educational system our country practically has not advanced. Life itself, with its constantly accelerating pace, dictated by the need for change in the system. The knowledge, that students receive today, becomes obsolete in 2-3 years, and this process will eventually escalate. Economic and social conditions are changing so rapidly, that there is no need to memorize large amounts of information today. Successful study at school doesn't guarantee success in life. We must acknowledge the fact that knowledge, which is given in a modern school, more than 50% turns out to be useless. School should graduate people, first of all, healthy, capable of studying, to possess certain knowledge that is truly necessary for professional success.

As practice shows, now success in life often does not achieve those students who were the best in school and teachers had high hopes. Moreover, the results of research conducted by scientists in different years, show that the majority of those on the conventional standards can be considered valid successful people, were never honors. Even in the XIX century, Darwin stated: "Survive not the strongest species nor the most intelligent, but the ones that best adapt to the changes."

So, it is necessary to teach children to deal with information: the ability to be a master of oneself; the ability to use a computer and the Internet to facilitate relevant activities; ability to communicate with other people and to work in a team. All of these should be taught at school effectively and systematically. But, on the other hand, innovations in education should not destroy the already existing system.


Realizing the necessity of changes in the system of education, the Ministry of Education and science of Tatarstan Republic is one of the first in Russia to start the collaboration with the Singaporean educational consultancy company called Educare. The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov held a meeting with Mike Mariyappa Thiruman, the Executive Director of the company.

In September 2012 during his stay in Singapore Rustam Minnikhanov visited one of the Singaporean schools (HwaChong), where the experience, methods and methodology of Educare are actively used. Then the head of the Tatarstan underlined its interest in cooperation with Educare, and proposed to consider the possibility of founding a branch of the company in the region. Later on, at the meeting taken place in Tatarstan, the parties discussed future trends of the company in the educational market of Tatarstan, one of them is creating an effective system of school teachers coaching, and an individual plan of school development taking into account world experience, and other issues.

After the agreement was signed Educare starts to carry out a special project «The Improvement of teaching quality in the Republic of Tatarstan», aimed at development and improvement of the professional competence of teachers of the Republic. …

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