Academic journal article The Hudson Review


Academic journal article The Hudson Review


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I'm Sorry. You Have the Wrong Number

It's true, I may as well confess,

That most dead people I do not miss,

And I am further remiss in this,

That many living I will not kiss.

I don't love everybody, damn it.

A man must love within his limit.

Against love's collectivization,

I propose love's specification.

When you're out of intimacy's range,

It is most cordial to be strange.

You Might as Well Enjoy It

Forgive me.

I am taking, I fear,

an indelicate pleasure

in contemplating my funeral,

the last public event

I will attend.

Farewell forever

to the forever regrettable

crowd scenes. Hello

to my grandfathers

who aged gratefully

into uncontestable reasons

never to leave home.

At Last a Good Excuse

Sensible as I am

of the honor conveyed

by your invitation

I cannot accept

because I am dead


A Ghost, Almost

Is it that I am a spirit

who returns from time

to time to be embodied

by you? Gimme a hug!

April Incarnation


Suddenly the north wind

blowing for days is

made visible by snow.

Green and white

are the new leaves now.


It is the present that always

will confound the enumerators.

It is the is that always was.

However small they divide it,

it still can be divided.


We go backwards

into time, seeing only

the little we remember

of the way we have come.


I am an active member

of the Slow Communication Movement,

relying to the extent possible

on words thought out, to be sent

by the postal service, slow

and late but fast enough. …

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