Academic journal article Rock Art Research

Recent Rock Art Journals

Academic journal article Rock Art Research

Recent Rock Art Journals

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International Newsletter of Rock Art. Newsletter of the Association pour Rayonnement de l'Art Pariétal Européen (ARAPE). Edited by JEAN CLOTTES. Bilingual newsletter (French and English). Recent issues include these research articles:

Number 65 (2013):

HERMANN, L., B. ZHELEZNYAKOV and A. N. MARYASHEV: New discoveries at Kulzhabasy in Kazakstan (Otar, Djamboul Oblys).

AUJOULAT, N., V. FERUGLIO, N. FOURMENT, D. HENRY-GAMBIER and J. JAUBERT: The Gravettian sanctuary of Cussac (Le Buisson-de-Cadouin, Dordogne, France): first results of a team research project.

ALLEN, C. D. and K. M. GROOM: A geological assessment of Grenada's Carib stones.

BÉGOUËN, É. and M.-B. BÉGOUÈN: Centenary of the discovery of the Tue d'Audoubert Cave (Ariège) and of its 'clay bison'.

GAO QUIAN: Rock art international conference held in the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona (15-16 November 2012).

COULSON: D.: Alec Campbell (1932-2012).

Number 66 (2013):

BEJINARIU, J. and R. POP: Prehistoric petroglyphs recently discovered in the Some§ valley (Sälaj County), Romania.

BANERJEE, R., A. W. G. PIKE and R. K. VERMA: Preliminary report of the newly discovered site of Uraihava, Mirzapur District, India.

DUBEY-PATHAK, M: The Dharkundi rock art sites in central India.

SCHAAFSMA, R: Petitions for rain: textile and potter)' designs in rock art.

MAZEL, A. and A. GALANI: Experiencing Northumberland rock art the mobile way.

Boletín APAR. Quarterly newsletter of the Peruvian Rock Art Association (APAR). Edited by GORI TUMI ECHEVARRIA LÓPEZ. The following issues have been published:

Volume 1, Number 1, August 2009:

El Turulaco', símbolo de identidad / The 'Turulaco', symbol of identity (Sp..). Gori Tumi Echevarría López and Jesús Gordillo Begazo.

Tercer ciclo de conferencias sobre arte rupestre: Arte rupestre en los Andes del sur'. Resúmenes / Third cycle of conferences on rock art: 'Rock art in the south Andes. Abstracts (Sp.).

Breve comentario sobre el 1er Ciclo de Conferencias de Arte Rupestre: "Arte Rupestre, Arqueología e Historia del Arte" / Brief comment about the First Cycle of Conferences on Rock Art: Rock Art, Archaeology and History of Art" (Sp.): Rodolfo Monteverde Sotil y Gori Tumi Echevarría López.

Segundo ciclo de conferencias sobre arte rupestre: "Arte Rupestre - Arte en Roca" / Second Cycle of Conferences on Rock Art: Rock art - Art on rock (Sp.): Gori Tumi Echevarría López. Código de ética para visitas a sitios arqueológicos con arte rupestre / The APAR Code of Ethics for visits to rchaeological sites with rock art (Sp.-En.).

La Escala APAR / The APAR Scale (Sp.): Rodolfo Monteverde Sotil y Gori Tumi Echevarría López.

Volume 1, Number 2, November 2009:

APAR, dos años / APAR, Two Years. (Sp.).

El 3er ciclo de conferencias de APAR - Tacna / The 3th cycle of APAR conferences (Sp.): Gori Tumi Echevarría López and Jesús Gordillo Begazo.

Lógica tafonómica para principiantes / Taphonomic logic for dummies (Sp.): Robert G. Bednarik.

Arte rupestre peruano, algunos comentarios acerca del caso Macusani - Corani / Peruvian rock art, some comments about the Macusaui - Corani case (Sp.): Gori Tumi Echevarría López.

El Simposio de Arte Rupestre en el XVI Congreso Peruano del Hombre y la Cultura Andina y Amazónica / The Rock Art Symposium in the XVI Peruvian Congress of the Man and the Andean and Amazonian Culture. UNMSM 2009 (Sp.): Gori Tumi Echevarría López.

Coloquio interdisciplinario: II encuentro de historiadores del arte y arqueólogos / Interdisciplinary talk: 2nd meeting of history of art researchers and archaeologists. UNMSM 2009 (Sp.): Rodolfo Monteverde Sotil.

Volume 1, Number 3, March 2010:

Los petroglifos de Turulaca en el contexto del arte rupestre regional de Tacna / The Turulaca petroglyphs in the regional context ofTacna's rock art (Sp.): Jesús Gordillo Begazo.

Geoglifos y contexto arqueológico en la Quebrada Santo Domingo, Valle de Moche, Perú / Geoglyphs and archaeological context in the Santo Domingo Basin, Moche Valley, Peru (Sp. …

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