Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

Modernization Policy: Factors and Threats of Russian Safety

Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

Modernization Policy: Factors and Threats of Russian Safety

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The developing configuration of a ratio of forces in world system depends not only and not just on an outcome of the conflict situation which developed today in the relations between Russia and the West aggravated with geopolitical consequences of events around Ukraine and Syria how many from a capability of our state effectively to perform the functions as within the country, and on the international scene. In this regard there is a question of the social and economic capacity of the country, its condition and nature. This problem is staticized also by growth of instability of development of a world economic system, the accruing randomization of the modern world.

The policy of upgrade which began in Russia in the 2000th years assumed the decision not only problems of overcoming consequences of economic and social crisis, but also ensuring innovative and modernization development of the country, a way on which Russia couldn't but enter to keep the line items in the world. The statehood in world economy is determined by such parameters as the territory, population, the made gross domestic product (GDP), size GDP per capita. Within the 20th century the share of Russia in the overland territory decreased by 23%, in the world population - almost by 4 times, on world GDP decreased by 83%.

In this regard the upgrade in Russia assuming change of all parameters of social development was intended to recover the social and economic and military potential and not to allow "adjustment" of the political map of the world. Success of policy of upgrade in a decisive measure is set by internal factors of the country.


As basic methods for carrying out a research methods such general scientific methods as the analysis and synthesis, the statistical analysis, the content analysis of the Russian mass media have been chosen. These methods have been chosen as they give statistically right and verified data for review analytical articles (Babbie, 2009; Brians et al., 2010; Babbie, 2007). Studying of the factors influencing both political process in general and on modernization processes of political system in particular, became special aspect of a research (Blaxter, 2010; 5.

Handbook of Public Policy Analysis: Theory, Politics, and Methods, 2007; Pollock, 2011).


The situation which developed in economy of Russia in the 2000th years can't be estimated not only as effective, but also as stable. By estimates of Institute of economic policy of a name E. T. Gaidar the economy of the Russian Federation in the 2000th years lost 3-4 percent points of GDP growth a year (May, 2015). So, since 2010-2014 rates of a surplus of GDP made respectively: 4.5%, 4.3%. 4.3%, 3.4%, 1.3%, 0.2%. (Russian Newspaper, federal release No. 5616, 2011). According to official forecasts, on the basis of data of Rosstat, in 2015 fall of GDP will constitute 2.2%. Linear prolongation of rates of a surplus of GDP is an indicator of the developed tendency of degradation of an economic system of the country. Among the reasons which caused the crisis phenomena in the Russian economy, as well as in other leading countries of the world, undoubtedly there were new geopolitical and geo-economic balances in many respects set by world crisis of 2007-2008.

At the same time also the factors which influenced especially domestic economic development and led to its essential complication and negative trends were shown. It is necessary to carry the aggravation of an international situation and penalties caused by the increased foreign policy activity of Russia, drop in oil prices, decrease in investment activity, crisis of the model of economic growth of the 2000th years which is based on increase in demand, demographic crisis to them.

Today, in fact, it appeared the economic system destroyed structure of one of basic elements - industrial production. Growth rates of the industry, according to Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation, decreased from 3. …

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