Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Impact of Job Stress on Employee Job Satisfaction

Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Impact of Job Stress on Employee Job Satisfaction

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Organizations play an important role in the development of a country. The main purpose of a company is to earn good will and profit in a high level and for this purpose the organizations make sure that the employees are satisfied with their jobs or not. Employee job satisfaction is necessary for an organization.

Job satisfaction is a very important part for an organization. In the organization many people are work for the sake of money and profit. If the workers of an organization are not satisfied with their work and feel stress on their jobs then the employees of the organization were not complete their work in a good way then this is negatively impact on the good will of the organization.

Job stress can be described as the damaging physical and emotion of a person that arise when the wishes of the job do not compete with the abilities, means, or wants of the employee. Job stress can lead to bad strength and even damage. Mansoor, Fida, Nasir, & Ahmad (2011) says in that article the word stress is primarily from physical science where it means the strength engaged upon a purpose to reason destruction, winding, or breaking. In the case of human beings stress is repeatedly used to define the body's reactions to demands engaged upon it, whether these demands are favorable or unfavorable. Whatever that bases stress is called a stressor.

Stress is an eco friendly situation in which for complete a task a person is required and when the person accomplishes the task there is a difference in the rewards that he or she imagines. The organizations are not full fill the demand of an employee. In that situation the employee feels stress on their job and the result that is come from that situation are not good. The employees are not participating in the other activities of the organization. They are come late on their job or absenteeism or laziness is increase and may be entirely good bye their job (Mcgrath & Alto, 1976).

According to (Rehman, Irum, Tahir, Ijaz, & Salma, 2012) if the wants of an organization are huge and wider than the employee of an organization are expects from their jobs and the work are continue for a very long period of time without any break then the employees of an organization feels burden on them and are not concentrate into their work properly. They feel tired on their routine work and this may cause of any mental, interval, behavior or physical problem.

In the established or emerging countries job stress is one of the most significant workplace fitness threat for the employees. There are many factors that create problems in the place of work e.g. the overload of work, role conflicts, disturbance in their physical environment, low salary etc. And the employees of an organization are worry about those problems. Ahari, Mehrabi, & Karimi (2013) says in his study that in the previous year the organization thinks that the employee satisfaction is not necessary but the latest study proves this theory totally wrong. Job satisfaction is the level of gladness for a person feels about his or her work. Job satisfaction falls into two levels: affective job satisfaction and cognitive job satisfaction. Affective job satisfaction is a person's emotional feeling about the whole life of a job. Cognitive job satisfaction is how satisfied employees feel regarding some features of their job, such as salary, periods, or profits.

Now the organization believes that if the employees of an organization are not satisfied with their job then this may create bad impact on the productivity of the organization. Employees of an organization are many expectations from their jobs and if the expectations are not full fill then they feel stress on their job and are not satisfied with their work. Employee job satisfaction is the cause of increase and decrease the productivity. It means if an organization has the latest machinery and high level of capital but the employees of the organization are not work well or not satisfied with their jobs then as a result of this situation the productivity is low of the organization and the company not full fill their objectives. …

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