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Student Needs Analysis for Departments of Korean Language Curriculum Improvement of Russian Universities

Academic journal article Global Media Journal

Student Needs Analysis for Departments of Korean Language Curriculum Improvement of Russian Universities

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The curriculum needs to be amended according to the specific characteristics of those who are studying the language: their age, social environment and general education [1-3].

The primary audience of Korean Language Course is students that are why it is especially important that their need of selfactualization will be met by the practical aspect of being fluent in foreign language [4-6].

The main goal of this research was to create the foundation for an effective educational process in Korean Departments of Russian State Universities. Therefore, this study is based on the curriculum theory about foreign languages. By default Korea National Institute of the Korean Language "Internationally accepted Korean Educational Standard Model" and University of Korea "Special Korean courses" compared to the standard curriculum of the Russian Federation, after analyzing the requirements of Russian students, are seeking to improve Highlights directions. Nowadays, in 2016, about 25 Universities in Russian Federation opened departments with studying Korean language as first or second language. Subjects and the number of teaching hours should be organized according to the standard educational program of the Russian Federation, but making curriculum, there are also should be taken into consideration needs of students.

Studying Korean language in Russian Universities you can have Korean as a major, but you also can have Korean as second major while there will be linguistics, history, international relations or economics as a first major [7,8].

The main problem discussed in this study is as follows

Firstly, it is a curriculum for students majoring Korean language. The second major or a second foreign language is the four subjects specified in the standard courses given in Russian Federation: Fundamentals of the theory of the second foreign language (Korean language), Practical Course of the Second Foreign Language (Korean language), Practical course on verbal communication (Korean language), and Simultaneous translation of the Korean language. Important educational contents of the curriculum of the Korean language subject use internationally accepted six standard levels of Korean language which the Korean national language unit provides.

Secondly, we discussed curriculum for the country of students majoring in Korean and reviewed Korea National University in the relevant courses in mud as prescribed by the Institute of the Korean Language teaching degree. In Russian Federation majoring Korean studies or Korean language students' desire to find a job after graduation or to study abroad is increasing. So there are two reasons to be capable of communication - "general purpose" and "learning objectives"

The third argument is analysis of Korean language learners and graduates' needs of target that required to be taken at a major university for collection and organization. After graduation over the graduates it feels, how important to learn the Korean language subject, and there are not enough time for classes, and during 4 grade 2 semester the important subjects are to be completed in the vital targets. So there was a survey for what kind of class time should be increased.

This research purposes curriculum for Korean language major, Korean language curricula and real standards of the Russian Federation, Russia plays important role in Korean learning and improving education system for students and graduates to meet the demand.

The content of the study: research and current course needs analysis of students and graduates of the Korean Language Department at Russian University.

Purpose of the study: curriculum development of Korean Language Departments in Russian Universities.

According to the Korean language curricula in Korea for the literature and research through the Internet, the current curriculum problem for Korean language major as first or second language in the Russian Federation was analyzed through a questionnaire survey. …

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