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Korean Stage Dance as a New Trend in Kazakhstan Choreography

Academic journal article Global Media Journal

Korean Stage Dance as a New Trend in Kazakhstan Choreography

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A modern world, characterized by globalization and mutual influence of cultures, has acquired new forms and put forward problems and tasks, connected with the world culture study. The English scientists K.M. Wells, studying the national approach to the outside world and the place of Korea in the world arena, writes, that one of the reasons of the nation's appeal to its own roots is its integration to the world system [1]. B.V. Lee, the author of historical-educational book "Learn the Richness of Korean Traditions", puts forward the principle question about the "Korea name" origin [2].

It shall be noted, that the Koreans, having at present the cultural heritage of high artistic merit, live not only in the Korean Peninsula, but also in the Far East (60s of the XIX century - reclamation of coastal areas of Russian Primorye), Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (1937, Deportation from the Far East). Apart from what territory they are living on, following the long-standing traditions, the Koreans stay the bearers of their national culture.

Despite the territorial division, differences in characteristics of social structure of the North and South Korea, as well as the Koreans, living on the territory of multinational Kazakhstan, taking into consideration the homogeneity of ethnic origin, the article presents an attempt to reveal the historical peculiarities and aesthetic specificity of Korean dance, as a national phenomenon; the development of stage dance is studied as a new trend in Kazakhstan choreography.

Closing the gap on one of the most importation aspects of activity of the Korean State Theatre of Musical Comedy, this investigation writes a new page to the history of Kazakhstan theatrical art, as well as to the understanding of the fact, to what degree it corresponds to the development tendencies of theatrical art in the world arena.

The relevance of this investigation is determined by the requirements of times; it is well known, that the Korean culture is one of the richest and the most ancient world cultures; at present, its role and place in the complex of Southern cultures - Eastern Asia and Far East, as well as in Kazakhstan - still stay significant. Till present, the Korean dance art on the territory of Kazakhstan is still understudied either in historical aspect, or in its full diversity.

The study of dance evolution onstage of the Korean State Theatre of Musical Comedy, meeting the modern requirements and principles of scientific-artistic thinking, provides an opportunity to structure the process in historical aspect and provides a forecast of its development and synthesis of direction. This article is the first in the sphere of study of Korean dance art in the territory of Kazakhstan; it will write a new page in the history of choreography of the Republic, defining a place of traditional and stage choreography in world general cultural heritage.

When analyzing the development peculiarities of the national dance in Korea, as well as in the Far East and Kazakhstan territory, a new criterion for the artistic image creation was revealed.

Based on generalization of the studied scientific works, as well as empirical and analytical researches in the article, it has done the following:

- the scattered and fragmentary information, related to the history and peculiarities of traditional Korean dance was generalized, as well as the interconnection of music and dance;

- the genesis of Korean dance art was studied; it consists of the ritual-magic actions, proved by the artifacts of stone dolmens, petroglyphs of Korea, mural painting of burial vaults of Koguryeo;

- the role of religious views in traditional Korean dance was determined;

- a number of Korean court and folk dances, games, that became the basis for independent dance performances and separate acts in the performances of Korean theatre was described;

- the development dynamics of Korean stage dance in national performances, concert programs of Korean theatre in Kazakhstan was revealed for the first time. …

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