Academic journal article Chicago Review

Hand-Eye Symbolist Movement

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Hand-Eye Symbolist Movement

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for Cedar Sigo

given that the Seas, their entrance to the mountain peak

beyond the colors of a distancing interior, woven

in the music forms the costs of night filled tight

with focal points, exact topologies remaining by the hold

to crowd the white of larger animals out East, collapsed

together by the rain as we neglect our clouds of arrows

to the slaughtering of prayer. due to the increasing nullity,

ascents of looping consciousness open into travel

facets of King Philip, the new Host series filling all

the process on release of the attuned derailment in the sound

remaining past the dark. our tools and power bolts relay their empty

lines together with the light, more linked than one can see

the irrigation leans beside magnetic particles in tune with ash

the sight a fill can loosen up to wander on the sand. our trees

speak of the judgment held in common by the war, the intimate

descent that yellow lines grow out around the burning wholeness

in times that harvesting may bloom to be the hatchet

found inside her team. once the ashes ride together to the water

filled to meet the packet on the hill, built without a mason

held by captives to the open gun that ends a breath together

with the line of forceful heads approaching Metacomet. ours

that mount will happen for the solar inclinations by the dirt

of number heeding for the massive kindling filtered by a negative

ingression of the leaves. our patterns do not hold the metal of the toll

instead they thumb the packet formed to fill the sound with softly

underlying meat. and as the wind will not report the effort made by blood

to which a sharpened emptiness like faltering about the memory of Suns

delay the integrations of the salt and willow startled to the main affection

of the loon. King Philip gave us empire to the loosened groves and technical

achievements like the panic halter fused by moving with the waves,


a chain or harvest head an Arawak rehires a seed to Senegal. the wrestler

promises a value for the network ice our letter folds to make the entryway,

without an ash delivered to the waking husk of islands, pushed to make

the faces hold a panoply of horses, their memories retrained to be revealed

inside the straw bale many walk to see. as every meteor relays its weapon

and its gauntlet creased to do the cuts to red in their retention

formed to walk among the traitors, secret pathways burn a hole in eyes

that never form. with birth the aggravated lines and clouds inter to make

the rhythms of repeating islands, the whole deceived to winter with

Main Poc

a Sufi holds the water for the Sea. …

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