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Social and Cultural Problem of Overcoming Violence against a Woman in Association with Historico-Literary Poetics

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Social and Cultural Problem of Overcoming Violence against a Woman in Association with Historico-Literary Poetics

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General context of the problem and a complex of the study techniques

The essence of modern civilization, the level of development and evolution of the modern society is measured to a great extent by a societal attitude towards a woman. This attitude underwent multidirectional changes in the course of historical development at various times. Furthermore, the processes were by no means progressive, but in fits and starts, frequently - with dramatic collapses and typically occurring retrograde trends.

It is no wonder that the category of gender gradually becomes more and more stable in modern research and development (the given reference [1-5] from new general-purpose works is illustrative in this respect).

The method of gender approach gives a vivid opportunity to achieve new synthesis not only in the system of sociological and humanitarian disciplines, but in case of interaction of the given sciences with humanitarian and natural ones as well. Especially interesting findings can be obtained in the course of a complex medical and literary study. In the previous year, a number of coauthors of the present article published some results of the first stage of the carried out studies [6].

Both nature and history imposed a great mission upon a woman- to bear the ideals of humanism, the good and mercy, show sensitivity, compassion and readiness to make sacrifices, to keep family and home, give birth to children, raise and bring them up. A woman is a reliable supporter and helper, a faithful companion for a man [7].

Methodological questions of axiological analysis prove to be of major importance in acknowledging the value spiritual component priority arising out of such state of things [8,9].

However, the modern world with its escalated conflicts and crises considerably mystifies these original meanings. There is more and more aggression, violence against a woman at most diverse levels of modern civilization existence, from politico-economical to social-psychological ones. Humiliation and disdain more often than not deny and cross out the woman's social and historical role itself, her calling and mission. Due to such mind distortions of the modern society philosophers and psychologists speak of an acute problem of psychological trauma, alongside with such events as human diseases and death/death rate [10,11].

The function of comparative methods of study is the most significant for summary and analysis of the data obtained by the authors of the present article. This phenomenon of socio-cultural life is studied in the context of other factors of civilization by means of a comparative-contrastive method. One of such major factors is the social structure of the society and a set of traditions, canons and rules accepted in it. A comparative and typological method is focused on creating the analysis theoretical paradigm. Applying it we include theories, which are related to a variety of fields in the knowledge system, into the field of analysis (first of all, this refers to the problem of gender). Findings of the genetic method are highly significant as well. Here, the major task is to study the event in historic and evolutionary perspective, i.e., revealing and analyzing the major patterns of its emergence, development, current status and perspectives. Therefore, we also involve findings of the medieval studies from the sphere of old Russian literature conceptology into the historic and literary aspect of the study. The method of historic and functional study determines many things for complex profile works. The given method is directed towards the study of the dynamics of the public and cultural life response to a certain process in it. And finally, a systematic approach allows to summarize and comprehend the obtained results and to shape perspectives of the future work as well.

It is our standpoint that a retrospective review of the moral program set up in fine and philosophical literature allows shedding light on many things in modern socio-medical concepts of coping with violence against women in society. …

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