Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

The Study of Relationship Management with Electronic Customer on the Quality of Customer Relationship in Mellat Bank

Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

The Study of Relationship Management with Electronic Customer on the Quality of Customer Relationship in Mellat Bank

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The service activities have accounted for the huge amount of business activities (Arasliet al., 2005) and most of these services are visible in financial sectors. Customers' loyalty is directly affected by their satisfaction and customers' satisfaction is the basis of loyalty in financial sector, for example, if a bank's clients are satisfied with the bank they focus their business activities in that bank and recommend the others to do the same thing (Urna Sankar et al., 2010).

In customer-oriented approach, quality is subjective issue and explained by the recipient and seriously depends on the customers' perceptions. It seems that this view in the field of quality definition in area of services is especially interested (Schneider & White, 2004). Quality defines the services as a degree of difference between perceptions and expectations of customers from services. Banking and financial services are the important parts of service industry (Mishkin, 2001) and the quality of these services has a close relationship with customers' satisfaction in this industry. With regard to the possibility of receiving the similar services in banks. Bank managers tend to distinguish their banks from other banks through better quality of services (Ghazizadehetal., 2010).

Nowadays, the banking industry is divided into two sectors inside of the branch and outside of the branch. In other words, traditional banking and electronic banking and for providing financial services and effective banking services, use of information technology and the use of internet is inevitable (Bruce Ho & Lin, 2010). In fact, electronic banking is optimal integration of all activities of a bank through the application of information technology which provides the requirements services of the customers (Alalwan et al., 2014). Development of services based on the internet caused changing of consumer behavior and how they interact with the service providers (Bruce Ho & Lim, 2010).

Challenges facing the banking industry has led the banks offer their services electronically and by providing services and products through the services, they are struggling to understand the customers' requirements and everyday more and better increase the quality of their services through electronic banking (Sheng & Liu, 2010). Although there are many concerns about possible effects of electronic banking on the behavior of customer in Mellat bank. However, little research has been done on this subject in the country. This research aims to examine the impact of electronic customer relationship management on the quality of customers' relationship and its impact on quality of bank performance in relation to their clients.

Literature review

Management and quality of relationship with electronic customer: Electronic customer relationship management is a marketing strategy, sales and integrated electronic services which play role in identifying, acquiring and keeping clients who are the biggest capital ofthe company.

Electronic customer relationship management is the result of fundamental changes in beliefs and business paradigms and change of organizations approach from the mass relationship with different groups of customers to individual and virtual relationship with them through information technology and communications. In other words, business strategy goes toward the increase of mass of trade exchange of company. In fact, electronic customer relationship management is the result of application of web and internet technology for facilitation, implementation and effectiveness of customer relationship management systems (Sarafrazi et al., 2008).

Electronic customer relationship management refers to marketing activities, tools and techniques via the internet which is able to create and enhance the relationship between organization and customer. In other words, electronic customer relationship management is the intersection between electronic market and customer-oriented strategy (Lee-Kelly, David, Robin, 2010). …

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