Academic journal article Antipodes


Academic journal article Antipodes


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He is fever, ancient engine

turning over. Mama is that the

sea being born? Yes-well no-

it's an alpine lake and low cloud

where we walked in June.

My face underlit with internet

I plumb for symptoms,

reach for his feet that

aren't cold with meningitis.

An Ebola orphan-recoveree

shines from the online Guardian,

he walks head down through the parting

chlorine "happy shower" with his ration,

Plumpy'nut and F-100

Solid Therapeutic Milk.

O good hulk of children's hospital,

newly opened out there in the purple dark-

pristine linoleum, internal courtyard

of meerkats on loan from the zoo,

soft slow beeping and swift

walking doctors in pastels-

grow older slower than my children! …

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