Academic journal article Antipodes

Ice Age

Academic journal article Antipodes

Ice Age

Article excerpt

-for sons and mothers

Mist bleaches the landscape blind,

brings deciduous trees

into sharp relief.

Rain has made a collage

on the deck. It's all there.

The once jeweled canopy

a mash of fallen leaves and fruit

frozen at minus one. The guise

of letting go smashed and scattered

across wet bright wood

like a stage set, the slow unwind of rot

a heartbeat beneath.

It's snowing inside,

numbing his mind to their family

home. In his room, detritus

spreads further than the days

he is gone. Then he returns,

keeping his rituals,

wrestles the bedclothes,

harnesses another mobile phone,

pulls his PC apart trying to reboot

its slammed damage.

Mumbles that he can't

find anything. She must have taken it.

His body, all angles and accusations,

smashes the door. Paint flakes on the floor.

Food molds in the bin.

He is lost in a blizzard

delirium. He rummages through

needful tools. She urges, no more.

Then he is off again. She discovers

contraband-meth's broken teeth

in a ziplock bag no bigger than half a hand. …

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