Academic journal article Hecate

The Colour of Massacre

Academic journal article Hecate

The Colour of Massacre

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As a new century dawned white Australians were urged

to feel comfortable and relaxed about their history.

"Shake off that irksome black arm band - legacy of radical

lefties who can't leave well enough alone - and their

tiresome chant that white Australia has a Black history and

we all have blood on our hands.

We've got a new song to sing now!"

Right-wing historians hummed the new tune

and set about to write Aboriginal massacres out

of the record, out of the history books, out of the classroom.

There weren't really fifteen thousand Palawa people

in Van Diemen's Land before the arrival of

white Christians. They said.

There weren't even five thousand!

Only a few hundred naked savages roamed here

and a meagre hundred or so killed -

in self defence - of course.

Or perhaps they were stealing?

On the darker side - they were cannibals -

weren't they? Think about it!

What happened to the rest? Who knows?

Nobody wrote it down - no history of

massacres here.

Perhaps they were saved by Christian charity

and blended in with the rest of us - or

maybe they died of natural causes

or just perished because they couldn't adapt. …

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