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Sur Kadero: An Example of the Eternal Vow of Imam Hussain^sup (RA)^

Academic journal article International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities

Sur Kadero: An Example of the Eternal Vow of Imam Hussain^sup (RA)^

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Human history has such rare vows which has changed the destiny of universe as done by Imam Hussain. Imam Hussain has justified his triumph at Karballa not by mere sacrificing his life but he displayed the characteristic role of patience, valor, self - abnegation and piousness which has earlier been seen in the patience of Prophet Ayoub, prophet Ithamil and Prophet Younis. The March of Imam Hussain to Karballa was never to seek any worldly emolument (as being portrayed by some sections in society) but is the continuation of the series of sacrifices which initiated from Badar, Uhad and during the whole duration of the prophet hood of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Human life with its origin has come in front of two intersection of good and evil. Each of the road given due power to travel on with its speed, power, and the capacities to understand the up- coming bumpies, barricade and obstacles with a novel bounty of human mind commonly known as brain. It is that worthy part of human body which has all governing power over human sensation both interior and exterior. It controls both inner and peripheral elements and forces contiguous to human being throughout his life. It is indeed the force which guides human being on adoption of the way of life, its patina, darkness and whatever comes before him in his stream of consciousness. That's why God Almighty has declared human being as superior among all creatures (Ashraf-ul makhalookat).

Al-Quran very clearly has referred the Will of the Lord for the creation of this universe:

"And when thy lord Said unto the angels

Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth

They said: wilt thou place therein and will shed blood

While we hymn Thy praise and sanctify thee

He said surely I know that which ye know not"

The other creatures except Human have been made sub-ordinate to him because the sphere of their power has been made limited in one or other way. Lion, elephants, mighty sharks and other gigantic creature are far ahead in potent and power of human being but the wealth of perception has upped human dignity among all the creatures. Human being has been made governor to all, as ordained by the creator of the universe, human being too have been decorated with another noble title of the Khalifatullah (viceroy of God) on the earth to implement and broaden the message of God in the annals of the universe. So rewards and awards on human being by their Creator have no limits and bounds.

Moulana Moudadi in his treatise "towards understanding Islam" writes that the sole cause of the creation of orderly universe for human being is to contemplate His majesty, power and being the supreme lord of the universe, its being originator, operator and sustainer of the universe without slightest off difference and any kind of modification in it, its uniformity from the day of its existence till its reckoning will continue as it is.

Each element persisting in it witnesses His power and prestige, munificence, magnanimity and omnipotence. The sun rises and sets in its time, moon never become late in its lighting, rotation of Seasons, crops abide His majesty. Gusty winds, tides, volcanoes, wood, water. Sand, hills, from mighty sharks to the minute oyster, each exhibit His authority and power. Only order of the universe if could be properly analyzed, His majestic Power and lordship is evident and glowing for all".

Allah Says in Holy Quran:

Lo! In creation of heaven and earth and difference of day and night

And the ships which run upon the sea,

With that which is of use to me, And the water which Allah Sendeth down

from sky, thereby reviving the earth, After its death, and dispersing all kinds

of beasts therein, and (in) the ordinance

Of winds and the clouds obedient between heaven and earth: are signs (of

Allah's sovereignty) for people who have sense

The last line of the verse categorizes particularly the people having sense to see and understand His majesty, power and lordship. …

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