Academic journal article Ife Psychologia

Women and Domestic Violence: Implication for Counselling

Academic journal article Ife Psychologia

Women and Domestic Violence: Implication for Counselling

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The mutual co-existence of a home or family relates to the manifestations of love, understanding and trust that radiates between couples; who have come together as husband and wife. It is traditionally and globally acceptable belief that marriage is an institution of honors, respect, dignity and hope where couples show love, affection care security of life and protect against hostility. But today despite all the expectation in marriages, the tenets of co-existence in love and sharing pains has gone virile causing abuses violence and hostility among couples with the women mostly affected. The violence at home is Gender based as it effects but men and women. The Gendered-Based violence exists uncontrolled in our society with great harms to the victims and the children. It has pervaded all the effort of government and the International Community, Countries across all spectrum of the society. The prominent victims of the Gendered-Based violence are the women and the Girl Child who are exposed to intimidations, threat over whelming disposition of man, the culture and traditions, deprivations, etc

Abubakar, et al (2015) opined that the common feature of this violence and hostility seem to be against the female partners as the male partners dominate and overrule the affairs of the family and use different measures including force and Gender-based abuse directed against women. Eze (2015) in her opinion asserted that Gender base violence is likened to existing inequalities between men and women and women in relation to gender norms, that is, society's expectation of appropriate roles and behavior for boys and girls. The GBV or Domestic Violence (DV) promotes the supremacy and control of men over the women. Women are treated as slaves and subordinates to the men and the entire extend family. Men have also experienced abuses or violence at home from a bully, emotional and uncompromising woman who has over taken the reign in the home. Ihielegblem (2003), Wright (2014).

Gender - based violence and domestic violence

Gender based violence according to Garba and Kantiok (2015) citing Ganle and Annel (1998) described GBV as violence that is directed against a person on the bases of gender. The GBV Act includes the acts that inflict injuries, suffering threat such as coercion and their deprivation of liberty. UNO (1993) Declaration on Elimination of violence against women describe GBV as "any act of Genderbased violence that results in or likely result in physical sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women including threats of such as coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty where occurring in public or private life, and expose him/her to humiliation abuses and lose of rights to life and dignity due to excessive control. But it's pertinent to know that the women experience more domestic violence than men. WomenWin (2011) viewed GBV as violence that involves men and women in which the female are usually the target and is derived from unequal power relationship between man and woman and the violence directed to against the women. The Global trend of GBV, makes women vulnerable to violence at home and with the extent at which marriages are broken or divorce among couples has been sources of Domestic violence, with devastating effect on the tone of the family and the offspring. And the women and the Girl Child are at the receivers end. The question is, What are Domestic Violence (DV) and Violence Against Women in a marriage?

Domestic violence against women is an odd phenomenon women were considered weak, vulnerable and in a position to be exploited. It is a burden on a numerous doctors of the social spectrum of the society, and a global issue that perverse the entire world, with its incidence affecting the well being of the affected person. Kaur and Garg (2008) opined that domestic violence is widely spread, deeply imagine with serious impact on the women's health and well being.

WHO (2007) describes Domestic Violence as power misused by one adult in a relationship to control other. …

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