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One Thousand Words on Regret

Academic journal article Field

One Thousand Words on Regret

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From the pond behind the barn, the talented dogs pull frog after frog.

"Eleanor, a dog picked up one of Rachel's gloves.

Let me know if you see it. It's white and beige, and it's not hers,

it's not a dog toy, it's not a dog toy." I found a glove, but it's not


I start the engine in my car and the little needles jump up to me in


terribly, terribly small. Greetings, they say, greetings,

and Lucy, Kris' dog, slides through the dried leaves on the hillside,

the cast on her left hind, inflexible as metal, is covered with green


I have something to say to you, but I refrain from saying it.

I feel terribly (terribly small)-down, doggy, down-

Last night, I had sex for as long as it takes to drive to the gas station (on

Cambridge St.)

and all the silver sperm capsized in the jelly-imagine their surprise-

like beached fish.

Give me 1,000 words on regretfulness.

Sitting in the grass, I am trying to write out I hate you, "I have, I gave, I


and it's just too difficult to do. …

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