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Academic journal article Field


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Apparently my house which wasn't my house was crumbling,

just like my real house is, in places. And under the ratty gold

carpet (which I would never tolerate), the floor was glass.

Somehow I stuck three fingers through a cut-through: waft

of cellar-air. Which room of me was that, to not go down into?

The answer came days later when my back went waffly

and lit a fire-strip down my right leg. I must need sistering,

like the rotten joists under the squeegee sub-floor under

the punky linoleum tiles under the toilet. Meantime the only

Valentine I got this year was an apology, and now here comes

that graying Scottie-dog and how much is left on my body's

mortgage? When the Mohawk dream a thing, they must do it.

Get baptized, go scalping. What about last week, the rifle shot

to the groin in of all places an elevator? …

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