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Academic journal article Field


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After a head trauma, distance

is one measurement of injury: across small breaks,

the nerves regrow.

Spanning large gaps requires silk grafts:

spider threads

ensheathed in nerve cells, new suspension bridges

between the word flood and the rush

of rising sea water. This discovery reveals the body

sees the silk as kindred,

absorbs it, so there is no ensuing infection.

It is easy to imagine the brain

as a meshwork of silk rope bridges.

Perhaps easier as a city or a field of grass.

A lone apricot tree, its orange fruits flaming up

like ideas-

I am at the ballet, watching a woman

dance herself to death

to ensure spring will come again.

Snow is melting.

My father is leaving his voice

in my silenced phone.

My mother is at the kitchen table, frozen

bags of home-grown peas

and corn scattered around her,

all bloodied as they melted

against her gashed head. That's the thing: the thing

with her brain makes her balance go.

Later she stole the stapler

the nurse used to pull the cut shut

because she is forever practical and what if she should

need it again? I have to stop working

my father is saying in the message, I can't

leave her at home alone. …

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