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I have troubled, preemptively and without provocation,

Trouble. I have scratched long before the coming

of any itch.

In the house of the hanged man, I've catalogued

the species of rope and knot: cuckold's

neck, French shroud,

blood-loop. Refused

to acknowledge the nonpresence of bygones.

Neither mended nor ended. Enunciated

as precisely as possible what had hitherto gone

without any saying, the plosives

of their at-last release. Compared

nuances of odious vs. loathsome. I have whispered

to the burglar of the weakness of my walls, then

roused all the dogs of the house, in their sleep-heaps, left them

slathering and clawing at the doors. I have licked

ritualistically at the white-streaked-

pink discolorations of longworn

sores, time-poulticed. …

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