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A Rescue

Academic journal article Field

A Rescue

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The whale might, she might

vaguely recognize human cries of

those drowning as some distant tribe

of fin and blow hole. And the damaged

submarine as cousin once, twice,

three times removed, huge and gray as it

lies in the blood-let Atlantic's notorious

cold beyond cold, fable-lined at bottom with

outrageous fish whose photos in a glossy

seasick book would wide-eye you

to some kind of moon creature,

their luminous razors on stalks blinking

to terrify or protect.

So the great species of the planet

unite underwater where we earth stuck

oxygen-eaters rarely look or think to look.

And on hearing those cries-

Wait, doesn't the whale have a massive

mammal heart (a child could

run through it), that sound, such a flood

to the brain (brain curious as a calf in spring

folded up, tangled, still wet from the going). …

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