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Flags on the Moon

Academic journal article Field

Flags on the Moon

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Curiosity tells us there are blue dunes

on Mars; that a streambed existed

knee-deep for a thousand years, NASA believes,

right there in Utah-red, like any old fossil,

like a vertebrae in clay, an ancient skeleton

current we keep looking for-

that there was water, once, before

us, belonging to no one-as though space

exploration were a post-co-

lonial thought, which it is

not at all. There are five U.S. flags left standing

on the moon, five dollars

each, stitched with nylon from Jersey, & all of them

bleached into one color, now, in the nation

of nothingness. God says, I don't believe you.

And Dr. Snaut goes on about how we don't want

other worlds, in the first go

at Solaris; we just want

a mirror-which I take to mean we

cut down trees we press into reams on which we write

down our history of cutting

down the trees; that space rocks crumble

then clump, like my Cuma Mar-ie

on the mantle, here, in front of me, even if I shake her

& make a stupid wish. The first of us humans

to occupy the Americas may not have

crossed Beringia land bridge, a new report

to believe

for now, says. …

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