Academic journal article Rock Art Research

Recent Rock Art Journals

Academic journal article Rock Art Research

Recent Rock Art Journals

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International Newsletter of Rock Art. Newsletter of the Association pour Rayonnement de l'Art Pariétal Européen (ARAPE). Edited by JEAN CLOTTES. Bilingual newsletter (French and English). Recent issues include these research articles:

Number 69 (2014):

BOYD, C. E.: Rock art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands.

HEMATI AZANDARYANI, E., E. RAHMANI, P. MASJEDI and M. ALIEI: Newfound petroglyphs in the Doustali valley of Hamadan, western Iran.

DAVID, B" B. BARKER, J.-J. DELANNOY, J.-M. GENESTE, F. PETCHEY and L. LAMB: A Pleistocene charcoal drawing or painting from northern Australia.

BUFFAT, R.: Bringing to light humanity's first images: replica of the Pont d'Arc cavern - Ardèche.

Purakala. Journal of the Rock Art Society of India (RASI). Edited by GIRIRAJ KUMAR. The most recent issues contain these research and review papers:

Volume 23 (2013):

DAYALAN, D.: Rock art in Tamil Nadu and its archaeological perspective.

BEDNARIK, R. G.: Archaeological constructs of place in the Pleistocene?

SCHAAP, B.: An introduction to Raisen style rock paintings.

KUMAR, G.: Parameters for artistic appreciation of rock art.

PAWAR, K. A., S. JOSHI and G. HALKARE: Understanding the rock art tradition amongst native Gond communities at Dharul in central India.

KADAPATTI, M. N. and S. V. PADIGAR: Rock art at Ranganatha Gudda near Tamminal: a preliminary study.

LAL1T, S.: Petroglyphs discovered on latente in coastal district Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. …

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