Academic journal article Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies


Academic journal article Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies


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In this issue, seven articles are published. You can see a full presentation of the articles in their abstracts. Here, I will give my short and subjective presentation on what are the most interesting findings in each article.

Collective bargaining is alive and doing well. Laust Hogedahl and Henning Jorgensen have studied the recent development in the coverage of collective agreements in Denmark, and the employees' attitudes toward the collective bargaining system. Individualization and globalization has not lead to a decrease in coverage of the agreements and the support for collective bargaining is still high. However, perhaps time has come to generalize some of the collective agreements?

Quality of work and social norms are crucial for retirement age. Thomas Berglund, Daniel Selden, and Björn Halleröd examine how the working conditions of employees in their fifties are affecting the timing of their later retirement. Physical strain and job satisfaction are the two factors that are most important for the timing of the withdrawal. However, social norms about what is the appropriate time for retirement also play a major role.

Ethical infrastructure can prevent bullying. Kari Einarsen has, together with her colleagues, examined the success of different approaches to prevent bullying. They find that strengthening the ethical infrastructure of the organization constitutes the most effective approach to prevention. The ethical infrastructure regulates how ethical challenges are tackled in everyday life, formally and informally.

Young people's attitude to attractive work during and after school. …

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