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Chronology: Iraq

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Iraq

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Jan. 17: Demonstrations were held throughout the country to commemorate the start of the 1991 Gulf War. [1/21 FBIS]

Jan. 20: The United Nations decided to allow Iraq to buy $81 million worth of equipment to increase its supply of electricity. The UN Security Council sanctions committee also approved $6.5 million worth of contracts for equipment to upgrade Iraq's oil-producing capability. [1/21 NYT]

Jan. 21: The Shi'a Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq rejected a US offer of aid to finance opposition groups' efforts to topple Iraqi President Saddam Husayn. [1/22 FT, WP]

Jan. 22: Iraq announced that it had concluded a $60 million deal with the French telecommunications company, Alcatel, under the "oil-for-food" framework, for the renovation of its telephone network. [1/26 FBIS]

Jan. 23: US aircraft attacked two Iraqi surfaceto-air missile batteries over the southern "no-fly" zone after coming under antiaircraft fire. [1/24 NYT, WP]

Jan. 24: In Cairo, the Iraqi delegation to the Arab League walked out of a meeting of foreign ministers after the league began deliberations over a statement demanding that Iraq renounce "provocations" against its neighbors and that it comply with UN resolutions before economic sanctions would be lifted. Iraqi Foreign Minister Muhammad Sa`id al-Sahhaf blamed Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria for the critical statement. [1/25 NYT, FT, WP, 1/26 FBIS]

In two separate incidents, after coming under antiaircraft fire, US aircraft attacked Iraqi antiaircraft batteries in the northern "no-fly" zone. [1/25 NYT, WSJ, WP]

Ahmad Ibrahim Hammash, the governor of Basra Province, reported that Iraq was reinforcing its military strength in the south to defend itself in case of an attack, but not to threaten Kuwait. [1/25 NYT, 1/26 FBIS]

Jan. 25: US aircraft attacked several antiaircraft sites in the northern and southern "no-fly" zones. The Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported that US missiles had killed 11 people and injured 59 in Al-Jumhuriya, near Basra, in the southern "nofly" zone. The US military confirmed that at least one missile had missed its target. [1/26 NYT, FT, WSJ]

UN Security Council Special Commission (UNSCOM) Chairman Richard Butler submitted to the UN Security Council a 250-page report on ways to resume Iraqi disarmament. China, Malaysia, and Russia refused to accept the report as an official document, so it was circulated among the members unofficially. The report accused Deputy Prime Minister Tariq `Aziz, among others, of devising and maintaining a weapons concealment program. [1/26, 1/27 NYT]

Jan. 26: US President Bill Clinton broadened the power of military flight crews to attack, "as appropriate. . .any of the [Iraqi] air defense systems that [they] think make [allied forces] vulnerable." [1/27 NYT, FT, WSJ, WP]

US aircraft attacked five sites in the northern "no-fly" zone after hostile action by Iraqi forces. [1/27 NYT, FT, WSJ, WP]

Jan. 28: US Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright visited Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to seek support for the US goal of a regime change in Iraq. [1/29 NYT, WP]

US aircraft attacked an antiaircraft site in the northern "no-fly" zone. [1/29 NYT, WP] Jan. 30: The UN Security Council agreed to set up three panels, all led by the Council's president, Celso Amorim, a former Brazilian foreign minister, to review all aspects of the United Nation's relationship with Iraq. [1/31 NYT, WP] US aircraft attacked six antiaircraft sites in the northern "no-fly" zone after Iraqi radar targeted the aircraft. [1/31 NYT, WP]

Jan. 31: In the southern "no-fly" zone, six US and two British aircraft attacked two communications facilities in Talil and Al-Amarah. [2/1 NYT, WP]

In the northern "no-fly" zone, US aircraft launched an anti-radiation missile at a radar system near Mosul. …

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