Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

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Jan. 19: Indian and Pakistani troops clashed on the Siachen glacier in Kashmir. [1/20 WSJ]

Jan. 22: The World Bank agreed to lend Pakistan $350 million to help improve government management of banking, tax administration, public utilities, and public spending. [1/23, 1/24 FT]

Jan. 27: The high court of Punjab Province ruled that the government's freezing of foreign currency accounts was unconstitutional. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had ordered the freeze to lessen the effects of sanctions against Pakistan for its May 1998 nuclear testing. [1/28 FT]

Jan. 30: Prime Minister Sharif announced his intention to create military tribunals throughout the country. [1/31 NYT]

President Rafiq Tarar ordered the immediate establishment of military tribunals throughout the country to combat terrorism. [1/31 WP]

Jan. 31: In Paris, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar met with the Paris Club of Western creditors to reschedule payment of $3.3 billion of Pakistan's foreign debt. [2/1 FT]

Feb. 2: In Islamabad, US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott met with Prime Minister Sharif to discuss nuclear arms control. [2/3 NYT]

Feb. 3: In Lahore, about 3,000 journalists, lawyers, and human rights activists held a demonstration in support of press freedom. [2/4 NYT] In Islamabad, US Deputy Secretary of State Talbott told Pakistani officials that the United States expected Pakistan to use its influence over Afghanistan's Taliban to stop them from harboring Saudi millionaire Usama bin Ladin. [2/4 NYT]

Feb. 12: In Islamabad, at a conference for Indian and Pakistani technocrats, the technocrats called on their respective governments to pursue peace over an arms race. [2/13 NYT]

Feb. 17: In Islamabad, the supreme court ruled that military tribunals, set up in Karachi by Prime Minister Sharif to curb violence, were unconstitutional. [2/18 NYT, FT]

Feb. 20: In the first visit to Pakistan by an Indian prime minister since 1989, Atal Behari Vajpayee, India's prime minister, rode a bus from India to Wagha, Pakistan to meet Prime Minister Sharif. [2/21 NYT, WP]

Feb. 21: In Lahore, at the end of a summit between Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee and Prime Minister Sharif, the two sides signed the Lahore Declaration, resolving to increase efforts to solve the Kashmir dispute, and a memorandum of understanding to build mutual trust and to avoid the use of nuclear weaponry. …

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