Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review

Marriage and Sexuality: Some Helpful Reading

Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review

Marriage and Sexuality: Some Helpful Reading

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John Dominic Crossan, Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1994). One of the leaders of the Jesus Seminar has written a fascinating reconstruction of the historical Jesus as a radical socialcultural revolutionary which is based on cross-cultural anthropology as well as historical and literary studies.

Fergus Kerr, Theology After Wittgenstein (Oxford: Blackwell, 1986). In this important study of the creative and influential Austrian-British philosopher Kerr interprets his radical critique of the focus on interiority in contemporary spirituality and his emphasis on the centrality of everyday life and relationships for Christian faith and life.

Philip D. Clayton, God and Contemporary Science (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1997). This philosopher-theologian has written one of the best books in the current flood on the relations of theology and science, focusing on the doctrine of God, the nature of modern science, and God's relation to the world employing a panentheistic approach.

David Tracy, Plurality and Ambiguity: Hermeneutics, Religion, Hope (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1987). A leading American Roman Catholic theologian develops a model of interpretation based on conversation and argument and addresses the situation of theology in the light of the critique of post-modernism, critical theory, and the voices of those heretofore unheard.

Michael Downey, Understanding Christian Spirituality (New York: Paulist Press, 1997). This is the best recent book on this popular subject from a Roman Catholic perspective which is properly critical of the contemporary tendency to focus solely on the inner life of the individual soul at prayer.

David A. Roozen, William McKinney, and Jackson W Carroll, Varieties of Religious Presence: Mission in Public Life (New York: Pilgrim Press, 1984). This best book in the new discipline of congregational studies explores the relation of religious congregations to the public life of a metropolitan area (Hartford, Connecticut) through the examination of four specific congregations which exemplify the four main mission orientations: activist, civic, sanctuary and evangelical. …

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