Academic journal article Resources for Feminist Research

[Gender Balancing History, Vol 5: A Bibliography for Western European History, 1985-1993]

Academic journal article Resources for Feminist Research

[Gender Balancing History, Vol 5: A Bibliography for Western European History, 1985-1993]

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Volume One: Towards an Inclusive Curriculum: Suggestions for Balancing History Courses at the University Level, Rosemarie Schade

Volume Two: A Bibliography for African, Middle Eastern, and Indian History, 1970-1993, Compiled by Gisela Chan Man Fong, Dolores Chew, Catherine Hamilton, Keith Lowther and Nadia Deol

Volume Three: A Bibliography for American History, 1986-1993, Compiled by Andrea Logan Hidebran

Volume Four: A Bibliography for Canadian History, 1982-1993, Complied by Keith Lowther

Volume Five: A Bibliography for Western European History, 1985-1993, Compiled by Pierre Cenerelli

Volume Six: A Bibliography for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean History, 1971-1991, Compiled by Gisela Chan Man Fong

Volume Seven: A Bibliography for Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish History, 1970-1993, Compiled by Rebecca Posner

Volume Eight Bibliographical Updates, 1994-1995, Compiled by Keith Lowther and Nancy Renwick

This eight volume series, prepared by Concordia University, is designed to help redress the lack of attention paid to gender within university level history courses. Volume One outlines the rationale for including gender as a fundamental category of analysis in history courses. Volumes Two through Seven, published in 1993, provide detailed bibliographies that complement the history curriculum taught at most Canadian universities. The final volume contains bibliographical updates of the previously published volumes to the end of 1995.

Taken together these volumes represent an impressive and comprehensive resource. Indeed what the compilers have prepared counts to over 1100 pages of references (the dates accompanying each bibliography reflect the time period during which the works were published), ranging in length from 296 pages for Canadian history to 59 for Chinese, Japanese and Korean History. Given the quantity of published material, we may well ask why most university level courses, with the exception of those explicitly labelled "women's history," ignore, marginalize or trivialize the experiences and contributions of women. It certainly is not because of a shortage of relevant research and writing. And it is not only women who are, for the most part, ignored. Many other groups are also absent from the history courses at most Canadian universities where little effort is made to integrate these groups or women into the still largely white and male curriculum.

In the introduction to Volume One of this series, the editors address some of the compelling reasons for curriculum review: the increasingly diverse and majority female university population; and the quality of women's history scholarship that has produced some of the most innovative and historical reconceptualizations of the past two decades. …

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