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This index covers all material published, reviewed or abstracted in RFR/DRF volume 22 (nos. 1/2 and 3/4, 1993). Material can be found either by author or by subject. The author index includes the name(s) of the author(s), the title of the piece, the type of material, the volume number and the page number. Book reviews are listed by author and by reviewer. The subject index is arranged by main subject categories. Entries are listed under the main subject category by specific subheading followed by the author's name and the type of material as well as its location in the journal.

A=Article AB=Abstract AC=Article critique B=Bibliography BR=Book Review C=Comment/Commentaire CR=Conference Report Cr=Compte rendu P=Precis Py=Poetry R=Report RC=Rapport de conference RE=Review Essay TC=Travaux en cours WIP=Work in Progress

Subject Index


Editorial coverage of the abortion issue-Lake, Robert, Judith Scrimger and Marie Riley AB 1/2:59.

Access to abortion in Atlantic Canada--Kilfoil, Valerie AB 1/2:65.


Les femmes africaines et le developpement--Etiki-Otabela, Marie-Louise AB 1/2:68.


Feminism, postmodernism and ethnographic responsibility--Wolf, Margery BR 1/2:37.

Colonial constructs in academe--Whitehead, Judith A 3/4:19.


A feminist reading of Mary Pratt's painting--Schissel, Wendy AB 1/2:60.

Aristotle and Campaspe as 13th-c archetypes--Udall, Sharyn R. AB 1/2:60.

Artists, feminism and systemic oppression--Matriart AB 1/2:67.

Euroamerican and French aesthetic notions and Canadian Native women's cultural practices--WIP 1/2:75.

Study of the verbal arts--Shissel, Wendy WIP 1/2:76.


Study of the verbal arts--Shissel, Wendy WIP 1/2:76.


A biography of Dr. Elinor Black--Vandervoort, Julie BR 1/2:49.

Clara Brett Martin and anti-semitism--Betcherman, Lita-Rose AB 1/2:61.

Violet McNaughton and the farm women's movement in Canada--Taylor, Georgina M. WIP 1/2:76.

La vie d'une femme "publique"--Verthuy, Mair WIP 1/2:76.


Aggarwal, Pramila BR 3/4:95. Bredin, Marian BR 1/2:37. Brown, Anne Cr 3/4:81 Carty, Linda BR 3/4:91. Cebotarev, E.A. (Nora) BR 3/4:82. d'Augerot-Arend BR 1/2:40. Finkler, Lilith BR 3/4:80. Gabriel, Christina BR 3/4:97. Heitlinger, Alena BR 3/4:90. Iacovetta, Franca BR 1/2:46. Jacobs, Ellen BR 1/2:47. Kinnear, Mary BR 1/2:49. Lampi, Ilona BR 1/2:50. Lindstrom, Varpu BR 1/2:42. Mackenzie Shepherd, Loraine BR 1/2:51. McCormack, Thelma BR 1/2:39. Moreau, Bernice BR 3/4:88. Mura, Roberta Cr 1/2:48. Muszynski, Alicja BR 1/2:42. Nestel, Sheryl BR 3/4:79. Ng, Roxana BR 3/4:83. Rinfret, Natalie Cr 1/2:43. Sadoway, Geraldine BR 3/4:89. Schild, Veronica BR 3/4:92. Simmons, Janet BR 3/4:95. Smith, Yvonne Bobb BR 3/4:87. Stephens, Nathalie BR 3/4:86. Stocker, Wendy BR 1/2:53. Su Chaun Ku, Jane BR 3/4:84. Szekely, Eva BR 1/2:38. Thompson, Elizabeth BR 1/2:52. Travis, Ellen BR 1/2:45. Tye, Diane BR 1/2:41.


Sexual harassment in Canadian academe--McDaniel, Susan and Erica Van Roosmalen AB 1/2:59.

Legal education and liberalism--Abramczyk, Jill AB 1/2:61.

Equity and the university--Sheppard, Colleen and Sarah Westphal AB 1/2:63.

Feminist pedagogy in the physical sciences--Steiger, Arlene WIP 1/2:76.

Colonial constructs in academe--Whitehead, Judith A 3/4:19.

Educational experiences of young black women in England--Mirza, Heidi Safia BR 3/4:97


Women and the pulp and paper industry--Women and Environments AB 1/2:70.


Feminism and Christian Ethics--Carmody, Denise L. BR 1/2:51.

Feminist therapy fees--Burstow, Bonnie AB 1/2:59.


Feminism, postmodernism and ethnographic responsibility--Wolf, Margery BR 1/2:37. …


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