Academic journal article Hecate


Academic journal article Hecate


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mostly I remember the trip home that wet Friday night

in the blue mountains train I remember a middle-aged lady

a bit overweight who sat in the corner of the carriage opposite me

I want to go home! I want to go home! she chanted all the way

out through the suburbs and when I got off at my station how her eyes

followed me so ravenously in this garden there are

tiny blue flowers everywhere amongst the tongues of old-fashioned bulbs and

under the stunted fruit trees when the sun came up this morning the rain had

stopped and the old light lit the nectarine and the azaleas like tomorrow

on the skin of a downy green baby I remember that day

clearly I remember buttoning up my white camisole and the crisp

underskirt and someone handsome saying You should just wear that! I remember

my hair in torn-sheet rags like mission bandages (in the pictures it was buttercup

-glossed on the curves of each curl) and when it was time to leave I slipped

into the blue-sprigged dress with green flicks and oh how clean

it smelt and picked a bunch of big white daisies that I tied

with a floppy white ribbon that I found somewhere I remember when we parked

outside Saint Bonaventure's you were already there and worried that I

wouldn't come there is a picture of me being fussed over by Mum she is

pushing a strand of hair back from my childish collar but she looks as though she

would rather have pushed me back in time and my big sister looks worried

and small like she has arrived at the wrong wedding well it all happened and we came

out the other end of the sanctified Tunnel of Love and we drove down the mountains

together -- calling each other Mr and Mrs for the first time everything so plump

it seemed and new as though we had emigrated to a smug green country

called the Future and suddenly we could speak the language we stayed away for a week

and when we got back I was so sad! …

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