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Proud to Be a Nurse

Academic journal article ABNF Journal

Proud to Be a Nurse

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In these challenging times, so many nurses feel over-worked and under-appreciated. This story from Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul inspires and honors us and reminds us of the privilege of what we do. What an honor to literally touch and save lives! For every hand you have held, for every life you have touched, we thank you!

Le Ann Thieman, co-author Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul

I just saw another television show where the nurse was portrayed as an overly-sexed bimbo. It's obvious the image of the nursing profession still needs some good public relations. And, once in a while we have an unexpected opportunity to help educate the public to what nursing is all about.

My chance came on a warm Saturday morning when I had a coveted weekend off from my job in a long-term care facility. My husband and I headed for the Cubs ballpark via the train. just as the train arrived at the final station the conductor curtly shouted for all the passengers to immediately leave the car. He hustled us toward the door. On the way I glimpsed some people huddled around a man lying limply in his seat.

The conductor talked excitedly into his walkie-talkie. There were fragments of "emergency" and "ambulance." Surprising myself, I approached him and said, "I'm a nurse, could I be of any help?"

"I don't need a nurse," he rudely snapped back, loud enough for the crowd to hear. "I need a medic."

His public put-down to nurses was a punch in the stomach. I was incensed. My adrenaline kicked in and I abruptly elbowed my way through the crowd, past the insulting conductor, and back on the train.

Three men were standing like statues staring at a young man crumbled over in the seat. His face was the color of a ripe plum. …

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