Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Central Asia and the Caucasos

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Central Asia and the Caucasos

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Central Asia and the Caucasus

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Apr. 28: In Tajikistan, near Dushanbe, an unidentified armed group kidnapped six police officers. 4/29 FBIS

May 5: The Kyrgyzstani national security ministry arrested 12 people suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Bishkek. 15/6 FBIS]

May 20: In Yerevan, Armenia, along the sidelines of a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) defense ministers' meeting, Kazakhstani Defense Minister Mukhtar Altynbayev and Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev signed an agreement on military cooperation between the two countries. [5/21 FBIS]

May 23: In Georgia, authorities arrested a number of suspects of the February 1998 assassination attempt on President Edward Shevardnadze. [5/24 FT, WP, 5/27 FBIS]

May 24: Georgian President Shevardnadze alleged that the February 1998 assassination attempt against him was part of a coup attempt, and that the leaders of the planned coup were based in Russia. [5/25 NYT]

May 25: The United States granted $6 million in aid to Uzbekistan to decontaminate a former Soviet chemical weapons testing site near the Aral Sea. [6/2 NYT]

May 30: Armenia held parliamentary elections. The electoral turnout was 55 percent. The Central Electoral Commission announced that the Unity coalition, made up of the People's Party and the Republican Party, had won 52 percent of the votes. [5/31 WP, 6/1 FBIS]

June 2: In western Kazakhstan, a court gave Astar Sekerbayev, a local Walihabi leader, a deferred prison sentence of six months for "setting up illegal public institutions and participating in their work." 16/3 FBIS]

June 3: In Kazakhstan, Zeinulla Kakimzhanor, the minister of state revenues, announced a new program designed to monitor companies for tax evasion. …

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