Humanism as the Next Step

Article excerpt

Lloyd Morain and Mary Morain. Humanism as the Next Step. Amherst, New York: Humanist Press, 1998.

From what I gather in this well-written and highly informative book (by Lloyd and Mary Morain, both former Presidents of ISGS), humanism can be a philosophy, a "religion," a personal problem solving approach, and a way of bringing together people of different backgrounds. Humanists have a fundamental premise which holds that since things are ever changing and since knowledge is continually increasing it is necessary to remain openminded to new ideas and to be tolerant of the views of others. In the search for truth, rather than looking to dogma or a higher power, humanists have a high regard for the scientific method with its emphasis on the constant pursuit of knowledge and its support for a change of opinion if warranted.

In a short book review such as this, it is quite impossible to explain humanism in a comprehensive and thorough manner, but much can be learned from Humanism as the Next Step. In chapters titled "How Humanism Serves the Needs of Individuals," "Applying Humanism to Personal Problems," and "Applying Humanism to Social Problems" one gets a thorough grounding in the uses of humanism. …


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