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Academic journal article The Middle East Journal


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Arab-Israeli Conflict

See also Israel and Palestinian Affairs

April 19: Israeli forces invaded Rafah refugee camp in Gaza Strip, killing two and wounding at least 16. [WP 4/20]

April 20: Israeli forces pulled out of the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza following one of the largest military operations against suspected Palestinian militants in 30 months of conflict. Five Palestinians and one Israeli military photographer were killed. [BBC 4/20]

April 23: Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmud 'Abbas appointed Muhammad Dahlan as his chief of security. The appointment indicated the official handing over of the Palestinian security apparatus from President Yasir 'Arafat to the new Prime Minister signaling an important step in Palestinian political reform. [The Gaurdian 4/24]

April 24: Two Israelis died in a suicide bombing at a Tel Aviv railway station. [WP 4/25]

April 27: 17 Palestinians died, 40 Palestinians were injured, and eight Israeli soldiers were killed during incursions in alShuje'eya quarters in the Gaza Strip. [AN 4/28]

April 30: The Diplomatic Quartet - the US, the EU, Russia, and the UN - officially delivered copies of the road map to peace to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmud 'Abbas. [BBC 4/30]

May 7: On the same day that Israel celebrated Independence Day, a leader of the militant group Hamas was killed in an explosion in Nablus. A bullet also struck and killed a one-year-old Palestinian child in the Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis. [BBC 5/8]

May 18: In Jerusalem, seven Israelis were killed and 20 were injured in an attack on a bus. A second suicide bomber blew himself up shortly thereafter, causing no further deaths or injuries. The explosions occurred just several hours after meetings between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmud 'Abbas, the highest level talks between the two sides in over two years. The explosion also delayed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's upcoming visit to Washington. [FT 5/19]

May 19: Three Israelis were killed and 50 were wounded in a suicide bombing in Afula, Israel. [FT 5/20]

May 21: Two Palestinians were shot in the West Bank by Israeli forces. [NYT 5/22]

May 22: Israeli Prime Minister Sharon agreed to endorse the road map to peace, a series of steps to be taken by both Israelis and Palestinians. Goals of the two-year plan include an end to the use of violence on both sides, Palestinian political reform, Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, a freeze on Israeli settlements, and the creation of an independent Palestinian state. [BBC 5/22]

May 24: The Israeli cabinet officially backed the internationally-brokered road map to peace. This signaled the first endorsement of a Palestinian state by Israel. [BBC 5/25]

May 26: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon commented that keeping 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation is the "worst thing for Israel, for the Palestinians, and also for the Israeli economy." The statement marked the first time Sharon publicly used the word "occupation" to describe Israel's presence in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. [BBC 5/27]

May 29: Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister 'Abbas met in Jerusalem to begin implementing the recently-adopted road map to peace. [NYT 5/29]

June 4: President Bush, Palestinian Prime Minister 'Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, met in Aqaba, Jordan, to pledge support for an end to the cycle of violence and the creation of a Palestinian state. During the meeting, the Palestinian Prime Minister commented that "the armed intifada must end. …

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