Academic journal article Shofar

Jewish Feature Films

Academic journal article Shofar

Jewish Feature Films

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Anna's Summer. Director: Jeanine Meerapfel (Greece/Germany/Spain: Integral Film/Milena Film, 2001).

A Jewish woman who has inherited her family home in Greece rediscovers her Sephardic heritage.

Anne Frank: The Whole Story. Director: Robert Dornhelm(USA:ABC,2001).

The story of Anne Frank before and during her family's attempt to hide from the Nazis and in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen after they are betrayed.

Belated Wedding. Director: Dover Kosashvilli (Israel: Transfix Films, 2001).

A marriage is arranged for a Russian Jewish immigrant, but instead he falls in love with a divorced single mother.

The Believer. Director: Henry Bean (USA: Fuller Films/Seven Arts, 2001).

A Jewish college student becomes increasingly devout much to the dismay of his family and friends.

Brooklyn Babylon. Director: Marc Levin (US/UK: 2001).

A Rastafarian falls in love with an Orthodox Jewish woman.

Buchachi. Director: Nati Adler (Israel: Reshet and Roll, 2001).

The story of a cook for the Israeli Air Force who lives his life in obscurity compared to the celebrated pilots he serves.

Caravan 841. Director: Zion Rubin (Israel: Reshet/Donna, 2001).

Ethiopian Jewish boy living in an immigrant camp has divided loyalties between the rabbi who teaches him and an African-American jazz musician who plays in Israeli bars.

Charlotte Gray. Director: Gillian Armstrong (Germany, UK, Australia: Channel Four Films, 2001).

A Scottish woman joins the French Resistance to save her lover who is a downed RAF pilot in a German POW camp.

Children of the Setting Suns. Director: Martin Doepner (Canada, 2001).

Three stories illustrating the impact of commuism, Nazism, and liberalism on the lives of three of their supporters during the 20th century.

Conspiracy. Director: Frank Pierson (USA: HBO, 2001).

A dramatic recreation of the Wannsee Conference.

Daybreak Berlin. Director: Laura Bialis (USA: Univ. of Southern Ca., 2001).

A member of the German resistance who helped Jews and political dissidents finds it hard to cope with the new realities of Germany after its defeat by the Allies.

Detained. Director: Anat Even (Israel: Anat Even, 2001).

Three Arab women cope with Israeli security in their hometown of Hebron.

Eden. Director: Amox Gitai (France: 2001).

Life in the Yishuv during World War Two and up through 1947.

Edges of the Lord. Director: Yurek Bogayevicz (USA: 2001).

Coming of age story of a Jewish boy hidden with a Polish Catholic family during World War Two.

Focus. Director: Neal Slavin (USA: Paramount Classics, 2001).

Towards the end of World War Two, a Gentile couple in the United States are mistaken for Jews and find themselves the victims of antisemitism.

Grey Zone. Director: Tim Blake Nelson (USA: Millenium Films, 2001).

The terrible choices faced by a doctor in Auschwitz and Jewish members of the Sonderkommando.

Haven. Director: John Gray (USA: CBS, 2001).

Miniseries about the 982 refugees President Roosevelt brought from Europe and interned in Oswego, New York from 1944 until 1946.

Invincible. Director: Werner Herzog (UK: Fine Line Films, 2001). …

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