Jews and Non-Jews

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Jews and Non-Jews

The Invisible Wall -- Germans and Jews: A Personal Exploration, by W. Michael Blumenthal. Washington, DC: Counterpoint, 1998. 384 pp. ISBN 1-887178-73-2.

W. Michael Blumenthal explores the questions of how the Jews, a tiny repressed minority in Germany, became influential in commerce, the arts, and the professions, why they suffered discrimination and dislike, and how it happened that the ground became ripe for the Holocaust. He juxtaposes the broad picture of an evolving Germany against the portraits of six of the author's ancestors.

A Jewish Mother in Shangri-la, by Rosie Rosenzweig. Boston: Shambhala Press, 1998. 176 pp. ISBN 1-57062-353-8.

The author's son has embraced Buddhism. This book tells how she struggled to come to terms with his choice of spiritual path, and how her understanding enabled her to find her own authentic experience of truth.

No Religion is an Island: The Nostra Aetate Dialogues, edited by Edward W. Bristow. Bronx, NY: Fordham University Press, 1998. 280 pp. ISBN 0-8232-1824-4 (c); 0-8232-1825-2 (p).

Nostra Aetate, the 1965 Declaration on the Relation of the church to non-Christian Religions, revolutionized Catholic-Jewish relations. In the aftermath, interfaith dialogue and the search for mutual understanding have replaced centuries of enmity and conflict. Based on the first five years of an interfaith lecture series devoted to expanding the dialogue between the Jewish and Catholic religions, this volume includes presentations and exchanges by leading scholars of both religions. …


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